Red Pyrola Plus Description

Red Pyrola Plus is an all natural herbal formula based on the Pyrola herb. The Pyrola herb has been known as the plant that deer have eaten when they got injured or broke their bones. We use a special manufacturing process that takes months to complete, with rigorous testing for impurities.

Red Pyrola is a special formula made of only all natural herbs without any chemicals, hormones, or additives. Made of only plants, this formula is suitable to maintain healthy joints and muscles.*


CSDP Gold Description

CSDP Gold is an all natural herbal formula that has no hormones, chemicals, or additives. The main ingredient of CSDP Gold is different from the Ginseng most people know, and has very different properties.*


Suggested Use

We highly recommend consulting a professional herbal medicine specialist for instructions of use and cautions. If you experience any discomfort or have questions regarding the product,
please call +1-714-870-7582. This product is not a medicinal drug. For treating diseases please consult
your primary health care provider.

[Set] Red Pyrola Plus and CSDP Gold

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