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Youth Factor+

All Natural Women's Formula*
90 Capsules

Youth Factor + is a special formula made of all natural Herbs without any chemicals, hormones, or additives. Made of only whole plants, this formula is suitable to maintain a healthy menopausal life.*

Suggested Use
Take 3 pills with water, before or after meals.
What are the advantages of using Youth Factor?

Because Youth Factor is an herbal formula made 100% of plants, it does not contain artificial chemicals, hormones, or additives. We've prepared and formulated this product so that it is easy on the stomach, so people can take this on an empty stomach. All herbs in Youth Factor Plus are often used in various capacities on a daily basis by millions of people for thousands of years.*

Youth Factor is especially good for those who:
  • Want to maintain healthy menopausal life.​*

Youth Factor's Main Ingredients
  • Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong, Mo Han Lian are herbs that have been traditionally used to help maintain a healthy menopausal life.*

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